Welcome to the Wargamorium Blog.

The Wargamorium is situated in a sub-terrainean location north of the Waterloo battlefield.  The table is 16 foot by 6 foot making it suitable only for historical games (i.e. no gollywobblers!).

The Poteshnyi in the tag line above is a reference to a group assembled by the young Tsar Peter the Great to play out wargames so that he could study the art of war and fortifications. See post below.

At the moment I have armies for

10mm Medievals 1300 to 1493.  Generic forces suitable for a number of nationalities
Franco Spanish War 1635 to 1659 (French and Spanish),
War of the Spanish Succession (French and Allied),
Seven Years War (French and Allied),
Russo Turkish War 1787 – 1792 (Russians only so far),
French Revolution (French, Austrians, Russians),
Napoleonics (French, French Allies, 1805 Russians, 1805/09 Austrians and both 1806 and 1815 Prussians),
Crimean War 1854-56 (French, British and Russians),
Franco Austrian War 1859 (French and Austrians),
Franco Prussian War 1870 (French and German States),
World War One 1914 (French, BEF, Belgians and Germans) and
World War Two 1940 (French and Germans).

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  1. Mac says:

    I have added this to my favourites – looking forward to seeing photos and updates of games played in The Wargamorium !

  2. wayne lennox says:

    Lovely to see the Russian on the table.

    Hopefully soon I be able to send you some Indian Mutiny photographs to add to the site.

    Looking forward to Triples in 2 weeks



  3. Sgt Steiner says:

    Great looking figures and terrain. Look forward to reading more from you.


  4. Husar 7 says:

    Found your excellent website by accident : sub-terrainian location North of Waterloo ?
    Fancy any face to face battles ? (I live in Belgium and have 15mm 1866-1870 Franco-Prussians and Austrians). How can we get in touch ?

    Husar 7

  5. The Wargamorium says:

    Hello Husar 7

    I will respond directly to your e-mail address


  6. Christian Decobecq says:


    We are two wargamers playing with 15mm Napoleonic armies. We have the French & the British armies.
    We are using Man at War rules.
    We are also making a model to be shown at Waterloo during the two days of the battle commemoration in June.
    Last year we have shown a model about the fights around the farm La Haye Sainte.
    This year we are preparing a model about the fights around the Hougoumont farm.
    We are looking for other people having French & Prussian armies in order to be able to show a model about the whole battle in June 2015.
    Is some of you interested?

    • The Wargamorium says:

      Hello Christian

      I am sorry for not replying sooner but I have been away.

      I will talk to the other players here and get back to you later.

      What figures do you need?



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