Seven Years War – Raid on the French coast

Some photographs of a raid on the French coast during the SYW.

French Artillery

This was a raid on the French coast during the Seven Years War.  I have tried this scenario a few times and it works well.  I actually had an article published in Battlefields magazine years ago about this scenario.

Rules are home made and all figures are Old Glory 15mm SYW range except the sailors and the rowing boats which are AB Figures and the pirates which are Peter Pig.

The semaphore tower which was taken by Royal Marines

The gun battery from above

The hilltop invasion beacon destroyed by the Royal Marines before it could be lit

Longboats waiting on the beach - Allies start to evacuate

Royal Marines see off the pirates

French reinforcements arrive along the road

Royal Marines versus pirates

Clash on the quayside

French defenders

Allies in the village street

Royal Marines assault the semaphore tower

Allied attack on the village defences

Pirate ship in the harbour

French ships in the harbour

French ship in the harbour

The semaphore tower

Overview of the French harbour

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2 Responses to Seven Years War – Raid on the French coast

  1. Graham Knight says:

    I seem to remember playing this as one of our Christmas specials. Good fun it was too!

    • The Wargamorium says:

      Yes. This was the Christmas game one year. I seem to remember that you nipped ashore, did a lot of damage and caught the tide just in time,

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