Russian Grenadiers in action

Some photographs of my Russian Army for the Russo Turkish War 1787 to 1792. The Russians fought in the “Potemkin” uniform which was abolished in 1796 when Czar Paul came to power.  The Russians fought the Poles, the Swedes and the Turks in this uniform.

All figures are from Falcon Figures except the mounted officers which are Old Glory 15mm SYW Russian officers which are perfectly compatible.  Rules will probably be house rules.

I have not painted the Turkish force yet although I do have some samples on order.

I have to acknowledge the Din of Battle website run by Eric Burgess in North Carolina USA.  His section on the Russo Turkish War has been a true inspiration.  Scroll through his older posts to see some of his figures in action.

Four brigades of musketeers in line


Same musketeers from a broader perspective

Aerial view of the same musketeers


Jaegers occupying a copse


Heavy artillery firing from the heights

Grenadiers marching through the village

The village

Grenadiers marching into the village

Another view of the grenadiers marching through the village

Grenadiers emerging from the village

Four brigades of cavalry in reserve

Cuirassiers, Carabiniers, Dragoons and Chevaulegeres in reserve

The Russian Commander in Chief

The CinC again. Both Suvarov and Kutusov fought in this war

Rear view of the Russian redoubt. The fortified lines can be seen in the background.


Another view of the redoubt. More pictures to follow when this is complete.




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3 Responses to RUSSO TURKISH WAR 1787 – 1792

  1. Musketier says:

    My, but you have been busy! The raid on the French coast rings back fond memories. Looking forward to the Russo-Turkish tussle now. Better luck with the new camera!

  2. Eric Burgess says:

    Fantastic! Thoroughly amazed at the quality and quantity of your painting! Your Russian army is not officially the largest in the world, with mine a close second! What do you use for your ground turf for the table? Looks like the troops are on a beautiful putting green. 🙂

    • The Wargamorium says:

      Hi Eric,

      Many thanks for your kind comments. The bowling green is actually that paper grass you can buy in model railway shops. My bases are painted the same colour. The army comprises 648 infantry (384 Musketeers, 192 Grenadiers and 72 Jaegers), 192 cavalry (24 Kurassiers, 24 Dragoons, 24 Chevaulegers and 24 Karabiniers with 96 Cossacks being painted), a total of 22 guns (10 field and 12 garrison) and 88 gunners and 16 mounted officers giving a grand total of 944 figures. I did not realise just how many until now. I have yet to do the Turks!

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