Napoleonic Allies 1805 to 1812

Below are photographs of some of Napoleon’s allies from 1805 to 1812.  All are 15mm AB Figures.

Bavarian Staff

Bavarian Jaegers

Bavarian Infantry

Bavarian Cavalry

Bavarian Artillery

Wurtemburg Cavalry

Wurtemburg Artillery


Wurtemburg Staff

Wurtemburg General of Division

Wurtemburg Infantry

Wurtemburg Jaegers


Wurtemburg Light Infantry


Confederation of the Rhine or Rheinbund. There were seven infantry regiments made up from the various German States.  I have not yet painted No. 3 (Nassau).


Overview of 6 of the 7 regiments

Rheinbund Regiments 1 and 2 Wurzburg each of one battalion

Rheinbund Regiment No. 4. 1st battalion Gotha. 2nd battalion Gotha, Meiningen and Coburg. 3rd battalion Sachsen Weimar and Sachsen Hildburghausen


Rheinbund Regiment no. 5. 1st battalion Anhalt Dessau, Anhalt Kothen, Anhalt Bernberg. 2nd battalion Lippe Detmold and Schaumberg Lippe


Rheinbund Regiment No. 6. 1st battalion Schwarzburg Sonderhausen and Schwarzburg Rudolstadt. 2nd battalion Waldeck and Reuss

Rheinbund Regiment No. 7. 1st battalion Mecklemburg Schwerin. 2nd battalion also Mecklemburg Schwerin. 3rd battalion Mecklemburg Strelitz


Hesse Darmstadt 1812

Hesse Darmstadt 1812. 1st regiment Leibgarde. 2nd regiment Leib Regiment. 3rd regiment one battalion of Leib Fusiliers and one battalion of Leibgarde Fusiliers.

Finally the Garde de Paris

Gerde de Paris 1807. 1st and 2nd regiments


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