Russo Turkish War Field Works




I have nearly completed the field works constructed by the Russians to protect the ongoing work on the fortification of Sebastopol proper.

These are 6 foot wide and cover the table from edge to edge. There are three redans, each containing three heavy guns, connected by lines manned by infantry. The centre redan is supported by a three gun raised redoubt.

All figures are 15mm Falcon Figures, the works are home made but the gabions are from Baueda.  These come in packets of 16 and look very well when they are painted up.  I have painted 275 so far!

Once again I have to acknowledge the work of Eric Burgess and his Din of Battle website which is a major source of inspiration.

Overview showing the three redans and the redoubt


One of the redans with a three gun battery


An aerial view


Another view


The field of fire in front of the works


Three gun battery


Front view of a redan


Another view of one of the redans


A view from the redoubt overlooking the central redan


The redoubt


Musketeers manning the lines


Musketeers. The gabions can be clearly seen here.


Manning the lines. The figures in green are Russian jaegers


Grenadiers in reserve





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2 Responses to Russo Turkish War Field Works

  1. stephen allen says:

    The fieldworks look great, Robert. I look forward to seeing the armies deployed on the table in due course.
    Thanks again for the tea and biccies the other day. A most relaxing and inspiring afternoon.


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