Franco Prussian War 1870. Assault on the heights of St. Privat.

French Imperial Guard. Grenadiers in campaign dress.

This was a solo rules test based on the Prussian Guards’ assault on the heights of St. Privat.  All figures are Old Glory 15mm. Rules are home made and a work in progress.

I had to use some Bavarian and Wurtemburg allies as I do not have enough Prussians.

French infantry line the heights

Prussian cavalry in reserve

Another view of the French defenders


French defenders awaiting the assault


French defence


French defence


French Corps Commander and his staff


French Divisional General

French artillery

French cavalry reserve behind the heights

French Cuirassiers awaiting orders.

Mirtrailleuse battery in reserve

Turcos reinforcements arriving

Zouaves in the line

And now for the Prussians !

Prussian Command

Prussian Cavalry reserve

Prussian artillery in support

Prussian artillery close up

Prussian advance starts

Prussians advancing

Prussian Division attacking

Prussians emerging from the tree lined road

Prussian advance further

Prussian hussars in support

French Chassepots decided the issue reflecting what actually happened on the day.

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