Battle of Magenta 1859

Last night saw the second and final night of a Franco Austrian War 1859 battle using 19th Century Principles of War rules.  The French are Essex 15mm FPW figures while the Austrian are from Lancaster Games.  The French were repulsed on all fronts.

I like PoW rules and was quite happy with the first version produced in 1995 but the second version, while introducing some welcome clarifications, has tended to make these rules more and more complicated and difficult to play even though the fire, melee and morale rules are quite easy to learn after a few moves.  These must be paradise for rules lawyers.


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2 Responses to FRANCO AUSTRIAN WAR 1859

  1. GRAHAM says:

    R, This looks interesting but there seems to be a distortion in the photos, not in the copy of the print at the head of the peice. The distortion does not appear in the earlier posts. All the pictures look long and thin.

    • The Wargamorium says:

      Hi Graham

      I do not have these problems with my screen. Perhaps our settings are different?


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