Antwerp 1914

Belgian Carabiniers with dog drawn HMG 1914

After a break for a few weeks the Wargamorium was back in action last night with a game based upon Antwerp 1914 or rather the evacuation by the last of the Belgian Field Army from the besieged city.  On table was a brigade of the Belgian 2nd Division operating around Sint Gilles-Waas which is west of the city and near where the Belgian player actually comes from!

The Belgian Commander’s orders are a little vague but essentially he has to delay the German advance while making sure he can get away himself. The craters in front of the town is a result of an earlier bombardment by German 210mm mortars (“Die Morser”).

Although the Belgians had a head start they have no cavalry while the German vanguard comprised 2 full regiments of cavalry plus a Jaeger battalion so action was joined quite early.

The battle continues next week.  All figures are 15mm Peter Pig and the rules are home grown.  It is a great pity the Peter Pig has not completed this range. The Wargamorium Blog gets a mention on the Peter Pig website as well

Overview of the table from the Belgian side before the game showing Sint-Gilles-Waas



One important development was the receipt of orders from the Second Belgian Divisional HQ to blow up the railway points at both the railway station and  behind Sint Gillis Waas and also the railway signal box so as to prevent the German from using them.  Two companies of Belgian engineers arrived to carry out these tasks.  This meant that the railway station had to be held long enough for the engineers to carry out their task. The orders went on to specify that once this had been done the entire force was to withdraw towards Zelzaete and destroy the canal bridge there once they had crossed over to safety.

There were strong clashes around the railway station between the German dismounted cavalry and the Belgian Carabiniers, supported by well placed HMGs and uncontested artillery support, which resulted in high casualties for the Germans.

Further down the road the German columns continued their advance while the Jaeger battalion engaged some Belgian Carabiniers who had attacked the flank of the columns driving them away and then pursuing them.


The Belgians successfully drove the German cavalry out of the railway station and the remainder of the German cavalry was eliminated

The good news for the Belgian side is that their engineers have successfully destroyed both railway points and are working to destroy the Signals Box now after which they will be free to leave Sint Gillis Waas and head down the road to Zelzaete.  However the German columns are now advancing to contest their exit.  Next week’s game could be crucial.


Another page of glory added to the annals of the Belgian Army

The battle for Sint Gillis Waas ended last night with the Belgian Army managing to extricate itself from Sint Gillis Waas having inflicted considerable casualties on the advancing German forces. Belgian engineers destroyed the vital railway point system which will slow down the German advance and continued their withdrawal towards Zelzaete where the rest of the Second Division is waiting for them. Belgian artillery and machine gunners fought with particular distinction and a special mention must go to the Carabiniers who sacrificed themselves at the end to ensure a successful withdrawal of the main body.

Although the Germans completely outnumbered the Belgians they did not have the time to deploy their forces and so bring their numerical superiority to bear.  Their advancing artillery and HMGs  proved no match for their defending counterparts so the bulk of the work fell upon the advancing infantry who paid a heavy price.

Despite repeated orders the Belgian garrison refused to quit the railway station until the main body had withdrawn.  This unit had to make its way across country to get away.

That concluded the battle for Sint Gillis Waas and although the Belgians managed to withdraw they have yet to get to Zelzaete and across the canal before they can breathe easily again.  However that will be for the next game.

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4 Responses to Antwerp 1914

  1. wayne lennox says:

    Nice to see the WW1 figures back on the table, its been a long time. I noticed that Peter Pig never did the Artillery limbers you were looking for. Now that there is a link on their web site you might be able to put a bit of pressure on them to produce the bits and pieces you wanted.



    • The Wargamorium says:

      I am tired of pestering Peter Pig to fill the gaps in the 1914 range and they are sick of getting hate mail from me as well. However Martin Goddard has said that he will be producing late war French by April 2013 and this is of great interest to me as well so there is hope.

  2. Phil says:

    Very nice report! WW1 is a gret period, not often played, and I am pleased to see another blog on this subject…we are also playing in 15mm, most of figures Peter Pig. Great pictures!

    • The Wargamorium says:

      Thanks Phil for your kind comments. I actually follow your blog as well particularly for your WWI games. This game will not be played again until after Christmas but I will update the blg then


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