Crimean War 1854

This is my latest project using Eureka 18mm figures (available in Europe from Fighting 15s in the UK).  This is a great range but unfortunately incomplete.  I will have to use FPW French staff and artillery to complete the French.  The range has Russian infantry, cavalry, artillery and staff so they are complete.  I haven’t started the British yet – the infantry look rather bandy which puts me off a bit.  I am scratchbuilding a model of the Malakoff Tower to stiffen the Sebastopol defences but there is not a great selection of siege artillery in this scale.


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4 Responses to Crimean War 1854

  1. wayne lennox says:

    Go Robert, I think if it had of been me i would have gone for a bigger number of figures per brigade for the look of mass numbers. What rules are you using?
    Keep us posted.


  2. The Wargamorium says:

    Thanks Wayne

    I kept the numbers down so that I could use my existing Second Empire French figures and organisation. I have two more Russian infantry Divisions on order and am working on the cavalry at the moment. I will be doing some British as well.

    I don’t have a rule set in mind but will probably look at some Napoleonic sets. There are special Crimean War rule sets available on the internet as well. I am also working on some of the Russian defences of Sebastopol including a wargame version of the Malakoff Tower. I will post pictures when it is nearer completion.

  3. Phil says:

    Very nice minis, period, and scale! It seems that we play the same ones, I’ll come back, great work!

    • The Wargamorium says:

      Thanks Phil

      I am working on the Russian cavalry at the moment and have the rest of the Russian infantry and cavalry coming in the post. This should keep me painting for a while but I will post updates.


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