1854 Russian infantry

I have finally completed the third Russian Division which gives me a Russian Corps.  I only need two more heavy guns and a Corps Commander to complete the army.

Russian Corps  used


I have two British Divisions (13 battalions) on order so they are next.  I have finished the French using Eureka Crimean French and Old Glory FPW figures.

Onwards and upwards

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6 Responses to CRIMEAN WAR update

  1. Lee says:

    i am also building 15mm Crimean period armies using mix of Eureaka and Lancashire Games figs. The latter are not as crisp as Eureka but look okay when painted up.
    Can you suggest a source for the flags?

    • The Wargamorium says:

      Hello Lee

      My flags come from Venner’s Emporium and I bought them from Caliver Books.

      Good Luck with your armies.


  2. Lee says:

    Thanks very much. The Malakoff looks cool.

  3. Lee says:

    how are the brit battalions faring?

    • The Wargamorium says:

      Hi Lee

      Sorry for not responding sooner. I have completed the British infantry and artillery all in 18mm Eureka figures and I will post pictures in the next day or two. I am just working on the bases now. I am working on the cavalry and the staff next. Eureka figures are very nice and I am very pleased with them but they are not the easiest to paint as the detail on the models is very fine and also there are some inaccuracies such as the absence of shoulder boards on the infantry and epaulettes on the officers but overall they look great on the table. I did think the British infantry figures were very bandy legged but in fact this is not noticeable once they are painted.

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