Seven Years War in the Hessian Salient – Part 2

062. French infantry lines prepare to firefight

The battle of Langenbruck continued with the French entering the village of Oberschweineode thereby isolating the Hanoverian brigade which had crossed the bridge to Niederschweineode already and which was now out of its own General’s command radius. The French brought up heavy artillery to cover the bridge to discourage the Hanoverians from re-crossing into the town. The French plan was to fully garrison the town and prevent the Allies from approaching it by stationing the bulk of their infantry and cavalry outside.

However so anxious were the French to implement their plan that they did not keep an eye on the Allied movements and suddenly found massive enemy infantry and cavalry formations deploying to encircle their open left flank. The French infantry formed squares but it looks like the French  artillery is doomed.


051. Hanoverian cavalry starting to encircle the French left

Hanoverian cavalry starting to envelop the French left.

052. Rear view of the Hanoverian cavalry

Rear view of the Hanoverian cavalry.

053. Hanoverian cavalry close up

Close up of the Hanoverian cavalry.

054. Hanoverian cavalry birds eye view

Bird’s eye view of the encircling cavalry.

055. Hessian infantry advancing with the Hanoverian cavalry

Hessian infantry move up with the Hanoverian cavalry.

056. Hessian columns following the cavalry

Hessian columns and artillery following the cavalry.

057. French squares formed

Irish and German regiments in the French army formed up in squares.

058. Irish square close up

The Irish regiments in square.

059. German square close up

Te German regiment in square.


In the meantime on the French right/Allied left the battle continued….


060. French heavy artillery preparing to bombard XXX

French heavy artillery prepares to bombard Niederschweinoede.

061. French infantry lines preparing to defend

French infantry prepares for the firefight.

063. Hanoverian infantry moving into firefight

Hanoverian infantry prepares for the firefight.

068. British infantry moving up

British infantry moving up.

069. Hanoverian garrison in Niederschweineode

The Hanoverian garrison in Niederschweineode.

NOTE:  The Allied Cavalry swept around the French rear forcing the infantry to remain in square while the supporting Hessian infantry blew them away one at a time in a series of one sided firefights.  Four full batteries were also overrun and captured. The French were then compressed into a small space and were unable to manouevre so the French commander instructed his remaining cavalry to hold back the enemy and ordered a general retreat by the infantry and remaining guns.  It was an impressive victory for the Allies and a humiliating defeat for the French. Unfortunately I do not have any photographs of this final phase.




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