Samurai 2

Last night we had our first Samurai skirmish game using the Daisho rules.  As this was our first attempt we kept it small and manageable with only 5 figures a side on a 3 x 3 table. Our umpire was well read on the rules and knew a lot about Japanese warfare of the period. He also supplied the most magnificent figures and even though the game was small we got a whole evening’s entertainment.

The experience was most enjoyable and my first time to play such a low level game.  Every figure has lots of characteristics and skills which can be advantageous or disadvantageous depending upon the situation. The game is very dice dependent but ideal for a few players rather than large scale games and will definitely be added to our list of regular games in the future.01. Ninjas approach the village

Ninjas approaching the village – we did not have any Japanese scenery so European medieval houses had to be used instead.

02. Ninjas crossing the bridge

The Ninjas used their superior speed to rush the bridge.

03. The Ronins are ready

The Ronins are ready and waiting. There were 5 Ronins. The little guy hiding alongside the house was in fact the village idiot who kept running around in circles. He was controlled by the Umpire and had to be captured alive by the Ninjas. Nobody knew why exactly.





04. Ronin archers reduce the odds

The Ronin archers reduce the odds

06. Hand to hand fighting

Hand to hand fighting. The Ronins eventually managed to eliminate the Ninjas but not without losing some of their men.

08. The last of the Ninjas before they are wiped out.

The end of the Ninjas and a win for what is left of the Ronins. The village idiot kept running around and is reported to be happy.










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2 Responses to Samurai

  1. graham knight says:

    Sounds like a fun game. I had thought Daisho were more of a japanese myth based game. Will be interested to try them come september. A sizeable Japanese village is in my baggage, used to play Ronin until now.

  2. wargamorium says:

    Hi Graham

    The game was great fun but we left the magic bits out – smacked of gollywobblers. Sven has some Japanese scenery but not painted in time for the game. We plan to play a few more games so we should be well organised by September.


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