Renaissance galleys in action


Turkish Galley 1571.

Last night saw thew first ever naval battle played in the Wargamorium.  It was set in the Mediterranean in the 1570s around the time of the Battle Of Lepanto.

The ships are 1/300 scale and they come in kit form which needs some assembly and painting and the end result is worth it as you can see. These were supplied by one of our group who also umpired the game.

The game consisted of two Venetian galleys versus one Ottoman or Turkish galley accompanied by two Turkish galliots which although smaller are definitely more manoeuvrable and this was reflected in the rules.

The two squadrons arrived at either end of the table simultaneously and as their firepower is restricted both sides started to manoeuvre immediately into close range where not only artillery could be used but so too could small arms.  The ultimate aim was to board and capture the enemy ships after some hand to hand fighting.

Fighting at the Battle of Lepanto

Soon after the game started two galleys clashed head on and after an exchange of fire and an extended melee the Venetians managed to eliminate the enemy crew and capture their ship.  In the meantime the smaller galliots attempted to outmanoeuvre the other Venetian galley and launch a joint attack on the first galley which was engaged with the Turkish galley. Although the galliots were far more manoeuvrable and ran rings around the Venetians they eventually found themselves inside the range and angle of the Venetian heavy guns and both were destroyed.

It was a clear cut victory for the Venetians and an encouraging omen for the upcoming battle at Lepanto.

01. The Ottoman squadron

The Ottoman squadron

02. The Venetian squadron

The Venetian squadron

04. The galleys close for action

The galleys close for action

05. The galleys clash while the others manoeuvre

Two galleys clash while the others manoeuvre.

07. The battle in progress.

The little galliots continue to manoeuvre around the second Venetian galley while the main clash is still ongoing in the foreground.

09. The galliots manoeuvre to attack one of the galleys

The two galliots move in to attack one of the Venetian galleys

10. The end of the galliots

The Turkish galley in the background has been defeated and captured by the Venetians. The small galliot has also been defeated and captured while in the foreground the wreckage represents the sunken second galliot. The galliots may have been more manoeuvrable but the heavy guns of the galleys soon put an end to both of them.

11. The victorious Venetians return to port.

The victorious Venetians return to port towing their prizes behind them. Note the Turkish banner which has been removed from the Turkish galley and is being dragged behind the victor as a trophy.

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2 Responses to Renaissance galleys in action

  1. Graham says:

    Looks as if the Knights of Malta had better put an order in at the shipyard before I return!

  2. wargamorium says:

    Hi Graham
    You might like to consider commissioning a galley yourself to get home and bring all your stuff.

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