Samurai 4

Last night saw our second Samurai game in the Wargamorium and again the Ronin rules provided a very satisfactory game. We had four players each with their own Buntai which were randomly drawn from a pack of cards.  This meant that each players had a totally different command of different warrior types each with their own unique blend of strengths, weakness, advantages and disadvantages so nothing was predictable.

The scenario had all four Buntai entering from four different corners of the table each looking for treasure discs in the village.  The player who exited with the most discs  gained the most points but in fact some of the discs were actually dummies known only to the Umpire. As each Buntai wanted the treasure for themselves clashes were inevitable.  There were no allies and all opponents were your enemies.

The Umpire not only supplied all of the beautifully painted figures but also the custom made scenery and the playing aids and markers.  The organisation was truly excellent and left the players free to play the game rather than having to constantly thumb through the rules. Top marks to the Umpire!

The game went on much longer than expected as the fighting was so intense that no one player was willing to call it a day until eventually the clock and the Umpire called a halt and the winner was decided by calculation.

Overall an excellent and memorable game and one which we intend to play again in the future.

Some of the many photographs below.

01. The Japanese village before the game

The village before the game. Nice and peaceful with some travelers on the road.

02. Enter the Monks

Enter the monks – the first ones to find the treasure!

03. The first treasure disc is found

Another treasure disc is found.

04. The first clash between the monks and the peasants

The peasants arrive on the left intent on taking the treasure away from the monks.

05. The peasants swarm across the road.

The peasants swarm across the road – it’s what peasants did in those days.

06. Fighting around the gate

Fighting around the gate.

07. A right shower of hooligans

A rather rowdy Buntai determined to hold on to their treasure.

08.  The peasants start to surround the temple

The peasants again – this time they are surrounding the Temple because there is a monk inside with a treasure disc. He did not keep it for long as the peasants proved to be a tough bunch of fighters.

09.  The monks are seriously outnumbered.

The monks were heavily outnumbered throughout.

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  1. Graham says:

    Excellent Robert. I have Ronin and have ordered Daisho as per the last Samurai game. This morning I just packed my Japanese Village and Samurai. These are the same line I think so there looks like enough to run a game in a small town during the autumn, but my troops are the latest of the Perry types. The ones in store are a right mix though. Citadel, Dixon, hinchcliffe and some others. Looking forward to the re entry. Hope the wargamorium might be up for Suvorov vs the Directory in the Alps, using Sharp Practice at some point? Graham.

  2. wargamorium says:

    Hi Graham
    Indeed you could combine with Sven to provide a large game in a large village.
    Suvurov in the Alps would be of great interest. My Suvorovians are in 15mm so I assume you have them in 28mm.
    Lots to look forward to.

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