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Last night saw our second attempt at a medieval game using the Kallistra Hordes and Heroes Medieval rules which can be downloaded for free from their website. This time though we used 15mm Poles versus Mongols, (all supplied and painted by Martin) although the bases still fit neatly onto the Kallistra Hexes so it was not a problem.

The Mongols dictated the game from the beginning moving very quickly and unleashing deadly hails of arrows into the slower moving Polish ranks.  The Mongol light cavalry could also evade if the Poles came too close although there were melees with the Mongol heavy cavalry who were also armed with bows. On one occasion one of the Mongol generals got too close to the Polish cavalry who charged and eliminated him but the Mongols were able to manage just as well with one general especially as he could move 5 hexes per move (20” or 50cm) and then had a command radius of a further 5 hexes. The Polish generals had 3 hexes movement and 3 hexes command radius so were cumbersome and slow by comparison and when the Mongols eliminated one of the two  Polish generals the entire Polish right flank was left immobile. All of this reflected the historical reality.

In the game the Mongols easily outmanoeuvred the Poles who split their line into two separate wings to deal with the two attacks but their left both wings with exposed flanks which the Mongols quickly exploited.  Both wings were surrounded and the entire Polish force, including both generals were swiftly eliminated.  The Poles did put up a brave fight but to no avail.  There were few survivors.

Next week we plan to play the same game but with the players reversed so it should be interesting.

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2 Responses to MEDIEVALS – POLES versus MONGOLS

  1. Graham says:

    Hi Robert, Which Rules?

    • wargamorium says:

      Hi Graham

      As mentioned in the text we are using Kallistra Hordes and Heroes Medieval. They are not exactly ‘historical’ bit they do provide a good game.



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