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5 new additions to the WARGAMORIUM commissariat.

    A gift from my loyal descendants.  Tea has never tasted so good. A step towards equality among the attendees.

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  Last night saw our second attempt at a medieval game using the Kallistra Hordes and Heroes Medieval rules which can be downloaded for free from their website. This time though we used 15mm Poles versus Mongols, (all supplied and … Continue reading

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Last night saw our first medieval game and our first game using 12mm figures.  These figures are all from Kallistra in the UK.  Not only have they a great range but their mail order service is second to none.  We … Continue reading

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FRANCO SPANISH WAR 1635 to 1659.

    Last night we decided to take a break from Napoleonics and to have another game set in the Franco Spanish War of 1635 to 1659 using the brilliant Tercio rules from Liber Militum.  I have posted links to … Continue reading

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              ESR2 – WERTINGEN 1805   Last night in the Wargamorium we had our first proper game using the second edition of Et Sans Résultat or ESR2.  The rules are set at Corps level … Continue reading

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ET SANS RÉSULTAT (ESR) Napoleonic wargame rules review

ET SANS RÉSULTAT  (ESR) is a comparatively new and exciting ruleset from The Wargaming Company designed to reflect Napoleonic battles at Army and Corps Commander level.  The title comes from a quote from Marshal Ney after the slaughter at Eylau … Continue reading

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  SECOND MARNE GERMAN BRIDGEHEAD 1918 Our latest game was set in the Marne bridgehead in 1918 which the Germans had established and consolidated before attempting to push farther into France.  This was all part of the great German 1918 … Continue reading

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