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5 new additions to the WARGAMORIUM commissariat.

    A gift from my loyal descendants.  Tea has never tasted so good. A step towards equality among the attendees.

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Last night saw our first medieval game and our first game using 12mm figures.  These figures are all from Kallistra in the UK.  Not only have they a great range but their mail order service is second to none.  We … Continue reading

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Renaissance galleys in action

Turkish Galley 1571. Last night saw thew first ever naval battle played in the Wargamorium.  It was set in the Mediterranean in the 1570s around the time of the Battle Of Lepanto. The ships are 1/300 scale and they come … Continue reading

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I have added the term POTESHNYI to the tag line of the Wargamorium Blog. I came across the term in Angus Konstam’s excellent Osprey Man at Arms book on the infantry of Peter the Great.  According to the book the … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new look Wargamorium Blog

  Unfortunately the server for the Wargamorium Blog has had to close down and so I have “migrated” to a new server called WordPress. I have yet to master the complexities of WordPress so the blog has a rather temporary … Continue reading

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  I have finally completed the third Russian Division which gives me a Russian Corps.  I only need two more heavy guns and a Corps Commander to complete the army.   I have two British Divisions (13 battalions) on order … Continue reading

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Crimean War – the Malakoff(ish) Redoubt

Below are some photographs of my newly created “Malakovian” Redoubt.  I say Malakovian as I do not have a good picture of the actual Malakoff Redoubt and I suspect that it was quite different to the final model but as … Continue reading

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Crimean War 1854

This is my latest project using Eureka 18mm figures (available in Europe from Fighting 15s in the UK).  This is a great range but unfortunately incomplete.  I will have to use FPW French staff and artillery to complete the French. … Continue reading

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Antwerp 1914

After a break for a few weeks the Wargamorium was back in action last night with a game based upon Antwerp 1914 or rather the evacuation by the last of the Belgian Field Army from the besieged city.  On table … Continue reading

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Last night saw the second and final night of a Franco Austrian War 1859 battle using 19th Century Principles of War rules.  The French are Essex 15mm FPW figures while the Austrian are from Lancaster Games.  The French were repulsed … Continue reading

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