Our latest game was set in the Marne bridgehead in 1918 which the Germans had established and consolidated before attempting to push farther into France.  This was all part of the great German 1918 offensive and was the nearest they got to Paris and to victory. This offensive was stopped and driven back by the French armies under Foch with the assistance of American, British and Italian contingents not to mention hundreds and hundreds of FT17 tanks..

The game was played using house rules and 20mm old IT Figures which I bought over 25 years ago and which have remained forgotten ever since.

The game started with the French deployed and visible to all but not a German to be seen.  They had the advantage of hidden movement having taken up their positions during the night ready to launch a surprise dawn attack.  The German player therefore had to note the location of his forces on a map and place them on the table only as they became visible. Of course they were hidden in the woods nearest the French lines so that shooting started in Move 1 and the casualties mounted quickly.

Not knowing where to expect the enemy the French defence was spread out across the width of the table but of course the Germans concentrated their attack and after 5 or 6 moves the result was clear and after losing over 50% casualties the French commander pulled back leaving the ground to the victorious Germans.

No trenches in this area at this time as the fighting took place in open country.

The rules were simple and fast moving and overall gave a very good game and an enjoyable evening.


Germans emerge from the woods


Stormtroopers occupy a building.


A French platoon defending a walled area.


A French platoon in a wood awaiting orders.


French defending a ruined building.


More Germans emerge to turn the French left.


A complete German company waiting orders to follow up.


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